You rely on your people, your processes, and your tools to position your department as an effective and efficient provider of fleet management services.

We believe that your fleet management software should be able to clearly show the value of your fleet management operations and demonstrate that you provide the best value for your stakeholders. We also believe that your fleet management software should help you deliver services in a faster, better, and less costly manner.

  • Shows real-time data quickly and easily so that you can make better decisions faster
  • Helps you monitor performance and see opportunities to work smarter
  • Increases productivity so that you can provide more responsive fleet management services
  • Handles the mundane administrative and reporting tasks so that you can concentrate on serving your customers
  • Highlights opportunities for cost savings and improved operations
  • Lets you respond quickly to information requests from upper management, your customers, finance, internal audit, and risk management
  • Will help your team become recognized as one that is accountable, efficient, and responsive.
  • Has validation features to ensure that data is accurate as it's being entered, to guard against unwarranted expenses
  • Gives you comprehensive and easy-to-use reports and lets you quickly design and distribute your own
  • Has data search features so your customers and stakeholders can get to information easily
  • Illustrates the effectiveness of your fleet operations with comprehensive analysis and performance management reports
  • Projects a proactive operation by providing electronic notification of upcoming maintenance and license renewals, on-line work request status, on-line motor pool operations, and cost and utilization reports for your fleet services customers
  • Spotlights performance measures, including fleet availability, employee productivity, shop productivity, equipment downtime, work turnaround time, equipment utilization, and actual vs. budget variances

There are many fleet management systems on the market. Each is good at collecting and storing information. CyndrusFleet collects data too, but, more than that, it turns data into information. Information you can use to make decisions. Decisions that will improve the performance of your organization. Do more than collect data.

Let CyndrusFleet™ work for you.

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