Without the accurate collection, reporting and analysis of the information that effects your fleet operations, it is difficult to quantify and qualify the services of your fleet management operations.

  • Gives a true and accurate assessment of the fleet operations
  • Makes it easy to extract and analyze the data
  • Makes it easy to disseminate the information to stakeholders
  • Improves accountability within fleet management operations
  • Improves responsiveness to requests for fleet management information
  • Gives you a detailed history of vehicle maintenance, which can increase resale value
  • Reduces the need for corrective maintenance by maintaining preventive maintenance schedules and sending automatic reminders
  • Gives you real-time accurate information so that you can make better decisions, without waiting for your IT group to run reports
  • Houses all data from each vehicle and lets you look at cost data from many points of view
  • Makes it easy to see irregularities in purchases and repair histories
  • Makes it easy to identify abuse and theft, poor or unusual equipment and model performance, and root causes of mistakes
  • Records the identity of each individual who uses the system, so follow up and accountability are easy and automatic
  • Improves accountability by assigning responsible parties to each piece of equipment.
  • Reduces lost equipment by limiting access by role or function and performing checks and balances throughout the system.
  • Sends e-mail notifications to drivers when maintenance is due and vehicles are ready for pick up
  • Lets you compare maintenance and cost of ownership information when planning purchases
  • Performs lifecycle analysis so you can replace vehicles before operating costs exceed replacement costs.
  • Automates labor-intensive processes so that your administrative staff can move on to other tasks.
  • Integrates easily with your existing systems, reducing the number of times information needs to be entered so that your employees can move on to other tasks. When POs are created and closed in CyndrusFleet, the information will flow directly into your AP system. When employees and contractors enter their time in CyndrusFleet, they can apply time to each activity, and the information will flow directly into your time entry system.
  • Spotlights repeated work on the same vehicle so that you can isolate such root causes as inferior parts or poor performance on the part of mechanics.
  • Lets you schedule more effectively. You can easily see how many vehicles are due for maintenance, or you can set up a shop schedule for work to be done. With this information, CyndrusFleet can tell you if you have enough people and parts on hand to perform scheduled tasks.
  • Implementation is easy and requires minimal training. Set up is based on how you do business—using your codes, your terminology, and your classifications.
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