An information system is useless without valid and timely data. The greatest obstacle to implementing a useful information system is data entry.

  • Makes it easy to collect valid, timely, and accurate fleet data
  • Provides multiple methods for collecting fleet data
  • Makes data entry easy.
  • Validates information as it's being entered
  • Makes set up easy and, if you have an existing system, set up can take place right along with data migration.
  • Lets you use the same codes and terminology that you've always used
  • Makes it easy to enter new vehicles, especially if you're entering many similar vehicles at the same time
  • Doesn’t have "screens." Windows let you move easily between tasks.
  • Automates such labor-intensive processes as inputting invoices and reconciling parts references.
  • Eliminates manual work orders
  • Makes it easy to analyze information you've collected
  • Makes it easy for you to extract and analyze data and disseminate information to such stakeholders as upper management, fleet services consumers, finance and budgeting, and auditing/compliance departments.
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