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  • Comprehensive vehicle and cost information with added accessories, depreciation, and acquisition cost information will be at your fingertips
  • Is easily configurable to include or exclude component tracking for aerial and body units
  • You can record warranties on vehicles, engines, differentials, transmissions, accessories, body units, and aerial units
  • If you open a work request for a repair that is covered by a warranty, CyndrusFleet™ will notify you, giving you the option of doing the work yourself or returning the vehicle to the dealer.
  • You can easily enter volume purchases of new vehicles using an existing vehicle as a template.
  • You can easily track license and inspection renewals by simply entering the date of the renewals and inspections. CyndrusFleet will notify you when renewals are due.



All the functionality available for managing your fleet is available to manage your other essential equipment.

You can also:

  • Track general information for your equipment
  • Schedule maintenance
  • Perform cost analysis
  • Administer warranties
  • Set performance benchmarks
  • Relate unlimited components to a piece of equipment
  • Track costs, warranty, preventive maintenance, and inspection information for these components
  • Track and maintain fleet components such as trailers, small tools, generators, aerial units, buckets, and specialized bodies
  • Track accessories such as radios, mobile computers, meter readers, and GPS receivers



CyndrusFleet gives you the functionality and the flexibility you need from a work management system, so that you can run an efficient shop.

CyndrusFleet will give you:

  • The flexibility to support both distributed and consolidated shop operations.
  • The ability to accept or limit work orders to single or multiple vehicles and types of work
  • Enter labor and invoice data at the work request level
  • A complete, real-time view of all work request expenditures and other costs
  • Detailed labor, invoice, and inventory cost views, as well as a total cost view
  • In-shop and outsourced maintenance and repair information
  • The ability to:
    • Import external vendor invoices
    • Cross-reference translate vendor information into consistent formats and codes.
    • Evaluate vendor, contractor, and employee performance.
    • Communicate the status of any work order via e-mail or on a Web site



CyndrusFleet has an easy-to-use Preventative Maintenance (PM) feature to assure proper maintenance of your fleet.

CyndrusFleet will let you:

  • Create an unlimited number of P.M. schedules
  • Create schedules for any unit of organization, group of equipment, make, model or model year, or individual piece of equipment, so there's no need to set up a complete PM schedule for every vehicle in your fleet, or a new schedule every time you add a vehicle to your fleet
  • Establish PM schedules at a summary or detail level
  • Establish schedules by any combination of equipment class, organization, manufacturer, model, model year, and by individual equipment number
  • Set up the PMs for a specialty piece of equipment, such as the one helicopter you might own, or set up one schedule and apply it to many vehicles, such as all of your vans, or cars, or tractors.
  • Easily assign new vehicles to the preset schedules you've created.
  • Set up scheduling based on miles, hours, and months
  • One-time events, such as recalls, are easily scheduled for vehicles as they apply.
  • Receive automatic notification of P.M.s that are due or pending for vehicles on work orders that you create.
  • Easily see all vehicles that are scheduled for, late for, or forecasted for maintenance.
  • Arrange for automatic e-mails to be sent to responsible parties or drivers when maintenance is due. Imagine, no more phone calls or report submissions to get people to bring in vehicles for maintenance!
  • See exactly what manpower and materials are needed to perform upcoming scheduled maintenance tasks. Parts and labor forecasting let you make sure your team's workload is manageable.



With analysis features, built-in reports, and unlimited ad-hoc reporting capabilities, you can quickly and concisely analyze any segment of your fleet operations...

CyndrusFleet will give you the tools you need to:

  • Assess the performance of you equipment, personnel and vendors
  • Easily view data the way you want to see it—for your entire operation of by any group or individual.
  • View data graphically, then click on a graph segment to “drill down” to see transaction detail.
  • Sort, filter, or export detailed data to a spreadsheet
  • Easily detect work that is being repeated on the same vehicle or work that is being redone.
  • Isolate root causes of rework, such as inferior parts or poor performance on the part of your mechanics

Know how your fleet performance stacks up against industry standards and your competition by establishing performance benchmarks

  • Easily determine the proper number of vehicles to include in your fleet
  • Quickly verify under- or over-performing vehicles
  • Compare performance between manufacturers and models
  • Establish benchmarks to support lifecycle costing so that you can identify which vehicles in your fleet should be replaced.
  • Easily create comprehensive reports
  • Easily create and distribute new reports to fleet management stakeholders and customers
  • Design and distribute reports without the help of programmers.
  • Access a library of reports developed and shared by other CyndrusFleet customers
  • Measure performance in all operational areas, including:
    • Fleet availability;
    • Employee productivity;
    • Shop productivity;
    • Equipment downtime;
    • Work turnaround time;
    • Equipment utilization;
    • Actual versus budget expense variances
  • Standard Open Database Base Connectivity (ODBC) compliant databases means you can develop additional reports using such tools as Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, and Seagate's CrystalReports, among others



CyndrusFleet can handle all of your purchasing and warehouse needs.

It can:

  • Track inventory using your part numbers, manufacturers’ part numbers, and vendors’ part numbers. Cross-referencing of part numbers is a snap.
  • Maintain an unlimited number of storage locations and establish security to limit access so that you have control over which users may issue, purchase, or view parts
  • Track your inventory and vendor activity through a log of all inventory transactions and reports
  • Automatically select vendors based on your preferences
  • Select vendors based on lowest price or from preferred vendors
  • Automatically create multi-vendor purchase orders for parts based on your ordering preferences

CyndrusFleet will:

  • Create manual orders when you want to order parts directly from a single vendor
  • Easily move inventory between locations
  • Match all order receipts to the originating order.
  • Receive orders as partial or as complete
  • Validate proper recording of the received quantity and price
  • Track delinquent orders
  • Easily purchase items in bulk, and issue the items individually, without inventory transfers



You can extend the power of CyndrusFleet to management, internal customers, other departments, and even such external third parties as government agencies, vendors, and constituents to the Web.

  • Let them access your fleet information from anywhere in the world.
  • No need to install special software. All they'll need is a workstation with a Web browser.
  • You can give access via the Internet or via your corporate intranet.
  • Make fleet stakeholders happy by placing the services they need on-line—work order status, equipment information, motor pool operations, accident reporting, ad-hoc reporting, and report distribution can be available 24/7.
  • Be more responsive to requests for information
  • Keep your environment secure—give access to the stakeholders that you choose

Real-time work order status is always available on Cyndrus Secure Web.

Let fleet stakeholders:

  • Check the progress of work orders
  • Respond to questions from mechanics
  • Post comments directly to work orders
  • Request service for their vehicles and equipment

Let stakeholders:

  • Search the equipment database
  • Produce detailed equipment information reports
  • Review repair and utilization history
  • Find out about accessories and essential equipment associated with any vehicle

Motor Pool Operations. Your customers can make motor pool arrangements from anywhere in the world.

Let your customers:

  • Check availability
  • Reserve motor pool vehicles and equipment
  • Review charges
  • Monitor utilization

Accident Reporting. Anyone you designate can monitor accidents and associated costs. Your drivers can use Cyndrus Secure Web to:

  • Report accidents
  • Fill out accident reports

Ad-hoc Reporting. Use the many pre-built reports in CyndrusFleet or create your own reports using the powerful CyndrusFleet ad-hoc reporting facilities—without the assistance of programmers.

Report Distribution. You can pick and choose reports from CyndrusFleet’s extensive and comprehensive report library and make them available to internal and external stakeholders on a self-serve basis.

You determine who has access to reports on:

  • Performance
  • Equipment utilization
  • Actual versus budget variances
  • Parts inventories

And more…



  • CyndrusFleet is a powerful tool that can easily adapt to the way you work
  • You can manage multiple fleets within a single system. You can segregate and configure security so that users are limited to information for the fleets that they administer
  • Security can also be established by function so that users have access only to approved tasks for areas under their responsibility.
  • CyndrusFleet provides standard invoice formats for electronically receiving invoices from most fuel vendors. A generic format is also provided so that you can request electronic invoices from your existing vendors.
  • CyndrusFleet is barcode compatible. Standard record sets created from barcode scans can be imported to CyndrusFleet. We have the experience to help you implement barcodes quickly.


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