CyndrusFleet™ is a comprehensive, flexible, enterprise fleet management system.

In use since 1987, CyndrusFleet has continually evolved to take advantage of advances in technology and in best practices for fleet management. For instance, our Web components allow stakeholders anytime-anywhere access to the information they need, while the real work gets done with the speed and efficiency of a client/server technology.

Over the years, we have added functionality that progressive fleet managers desire. By incorporating features that today's fleet managers need—and avoiding costly extras—we are able to offer enterprise-level functionality at a price that's lower than you might expect.

At Cyndrus, we focus on continual improvement. We constantly review what we do and how we do it. We add what we need, eliminate what we don’t need, and refine our processes to achieve optimum efficiency and effectiveness. We apply these practices when developing enhancements for CyndrusFleet.

If your fleet department is a top performer, CyndrusFleet easily configures to match your existing business processes. If your process flow needs improvement, we can offer business process reëngineering advice based on years of exposure to the fleet management industry. CyndrusFleet will easily configure to support your reëngineered fleet management business processes. Either way, CyndrusFleet can work for you and for your entire organization.

CyndrusFleet software is only one component of our complete fleet management solution. Our implementation team, our integration specialists, and our Cyndrus Customer Care—(C3) group round out the CyndrusFleet solution.

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