Cyndrus ADS™ brings your volumes of data to life! By highlighting irregularities and trends in an easy to read format, Cyndrus ADS™ leverages data that you have already collected and provides you with meaningful, decision quality information. This puts you in control of your assets and allows you to optimize your investments. Whether you are managing people, a supply chain, large fleets of automobiles, or a nuclear power plant, we are confident that Cyndrus ADS™ will give you the tools that you need to make better, more informed decisions about your mission critical assets.

Cyndrus ADS™ and all Cyndrus products are Web-enabled and feature rich! With just a Web browser, a work station, and access to the Internet, your employees, vendors, and customers will be able to access critical information from anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Cyndrus is your provider of a complete asset management solution. Meaningful information - better decisions.



Cyndrus ADS™ is part of a complete suite of asset management products that fully integrate your financial, work management, general ledger, fixed assets, timekeeping, production, and statistical data sources. You define how you would like to view your information.

From cost definitions and asset specifications to organizational structures and company unique profiles, you can layout screens and determine which information will be displayed - without any technical assistance. You can apply changes at any time and display information in any format that helps you make the best decisions. We can extend our products to manage and accommodate all of your specialized asset classes including:

  • Linear assets (pipelines, electrical distribution lines)
  • Fleet (automotive, airborne, waterborne)
  • Information technology
  • Power generation facilities
  • Petrochemical and oil refining plants
  • Supply chain and distribution channels

Cyndrus ADS™ uses open standards technology so you can easily integrate our product line with virtually any business application or relational database management system. Our product is database independent, which allows you to minimize your implementation costs by leveraging the software and infrastructure that you are already using. Since our products are Web-enabled, there are no deployment costs. You can easily distribute Cyndrus ADS™ throughout your network using the Internet.


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